Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Or the people who took the food may have been desperate and had a greater need :thinking:


I had thought of that. But why, then, trash the place and leave fridges open, spoiling the food inside. t just doesn’t make sense when all you needed to do was to ask


Then they should have gone shoplifting in a proper supermarket.:grinning:


Bugger ! I didn’t think of that, because Man-flu.


People who book a long ride (say to the Devon/Cornwall border) in your car and then acquire an infectious disease just a few days before said ride. Only joking Terry. I don’t have a roof rack but I’m sure I can lash you onto the outside of the car with a couple of lengths of sash cord.



That sounds perfect :+1:


Do they make sash cords that long? :thinking:


Hah ,got the idea but my mum dragged me up proper !


I was in the call the midwife nuns place recently and they had asbestos sash cords and had a job dealing with them (They had sold to new community project )


Translation anyone? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe he is referring to the Nunnery that features in the television series Call the Midwife, starring Jenny Agutter.


Nope, not a clue still, but thanks for trying. Anyway:


German footballers


Road Rash


Mens Shorts manufacturers.

Bought 2 pairs today, one from Fat Face and one from M & S. Both 36" waist.

Fat face fit perfectly, M & S at least 2" too small around the waist. WTF ? It can’t be that difficult, FFS !


Yes , the series on TV call the midwife had nuns from east london who moved to brum some years ago and they sold their place and it had to have a lot of work including attention to asbestos sash cords

from a paper
he Birmingham nuns who inspired Call The Midwife are selling their convent in the city after almost 40 years.

The hit BBC1 show was inspired by sisters from the Community of St. John the Divine in Alum Rock during their time in London in the 1950s.

It is based on the memoirs of district nurse, Jennifer Worth, who died in 2011, but five sisters remain in the city. However, running costs have become too high at the 20-bedroom, Grade II-listed, property and it has been put on the market for £850,000.

The Anglican sisters traded Poplar in London’s East End for Birmingham in 1976.

Five remaining sisters – Christine Hoverd, Margaret Angela King, Elaine Knight, Ivy Patten and Shirley Hart – plan to continue their ministry by moving to smaller premises in Marston Green.

The Community of St. John the Divine was founded in 1848 as a nursing sisterhood helping to establish a modern system of nursing and midwifery in this country. Six sisters went to the Crimea to help Florence Nightingale.

Call The Midwife developed an army of devoted fans with its portrayal of underage pregnancy, prostitution and illegal abortions shortly after the National Health Service was founded in 1948 and nuns served alongside NHS doctors and midwives for several decades more.

However, the Sisters no longer practice nursing and midwifery now. Their ministry in Birmingham for the last 39 years has been to set up a house of prayer and hospitality.


The brain dead arsewipes that did this should be cockpunched for eternity


I see pretty much every kind of stupid, heartless, violent, ridiculous shit every day and yet I am still surprised by some people’s mindlessness :scream:


Apparently diesel cars don’t run on petrol…


You didn’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you?