Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


No not me…the significant other…





I explained that if it had been an RX-8 then we wouldn’t be in this situation :grin:


Due to the fact you wouldn’t have got to the petrol station in the first place :grinning:




Hope she realised before driving away


Nope, it conked out half way to Aldi…it’s at the garage now, he’ll look at it tomorrow, works van for me tonight!




I did it to ours a couple of years back, they just emptied the tank, filled up with diesel and off we went. Not cheap though :roll_eyes:


I was working in France as a watersports instuctor 30 years ago and filled a diesel Transit with petrol.
I broke down 10 yds off the forecourt.
I got it towed back to the site and was siphoning off the fuel thinking we could use it for some of the outboard engines but really didn’t have a clue what I was doing and had no idea of how I was supposed to get it fixed.
A windsurfing instructor walked past on her way back from the beach and in the broadest Essex accent you ever heard asked me if I wanted a hand. I knew she was a shit hot windsurfer but wasn’t sure how she was going to help but I seriously didn’t have a clue so said yes please.
She sent me off to find certain tools and took charge.
She had the back jacked up about 3 feet and drained the tank and started dismantling things and taking injectors out and cleaning them and stuff. (I honestly didn’t have a clue what she was doing)>
I got sent off to get a can of diesel and in a short time the van was back up and running.
Like a fucking idiot in my best patronising way I asked if her Dad was a mechanic or something and had taught her.
She gave me a look of disgust and told me that no her dad wasn’t a mechanic and nor was her boyfriend and neither of them knew fuck all about engines. She had done a full apprenticeship at Fords at Dagenham and was a senior technician.

That is Ford, at Dagenham where they build the Transit Deisel engine.

Massive cockpunch to me for being a cunt.

I did go out and buy her a case of beer and to this day can’t believe how lucky I was that she just happened to walk by and had the skills!


Did you teach her any watersports? :wink:


Anyone who could flip a board and rail ride on the sea didn’t need any lessons from me! :grinning:


Jim I didn’t know you were kinky!

Hope you are taking your rubber bed sheet on that boys camping trip…




Not at all,

I was a watersports instructor for 5 years, any idea how many times I have heard jokes like that?


Hmm, :thinking:, ok, I’ll give you that one…


Urine trouble now…


gonna have a piss up?



now you’re beating the shit out of me