Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Don’t go and see if they put you in detention :upside_down_face:


Turn up with your earbuds in and 5 Live on. Swear loudly when stuff goes well/badly (in the football, not your son’s report).



take a doner kebab in with you.


And a few cans…


Several ‘jazz cigarettes’ might also create the right impression/alleviate the boredom.


Send Claire, I am sure there will be plenty of other ‘one parent families’ present


Clearly you need to go in just Speedo’s and a baseball cap with a getto blaster on 5 live.


Arrive at 6.30, full Brazil kit (No 10 shirt). Have taxi waiting outside. As you enter the hall, catch your foot on a table leg, go down grimacing. Roll over at least 4 times. Be sure to have the head teacher personally helping you to your feet & out to the waiting cab. Promise not to sue. Should be home by 7. Job done & sympathy points earned.


Corporate stupidity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tell them to fuck off. No further action required.


South Eastern trains, complete pile of stinking shit.


Whoever is responsible for the roadworks around the entrance to the Heathrow tunnel. I had to collect my brother and his family from T3 today. In the end I was reduced to cheating (lane 1 on the spur then weaving into the tunnel through the coaches at the roundabout. It’s a huge international airport. Blocking the access is unforgiveable.





Cockpunch to me for avatar sig reasons


Presumably you made a trunk call to the *AA

*No, not this one


I had to answer the question ‘was i more than 1/4 mile from home?’


I might have struggled with that one :grinning:




No words


Jesus, what is a matter with these people? :rage: