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In response to outcry over her photo, Thompson released a statement to CBS News. “This is called conservation through game management,” she said, explaining that the giraffe that she hunted was old and prone to attacking younger giraffes. “Now that the giraffe is gone, the younger bulls are able to breed

^^^^ This is no justification at all


She should apply the same principle to the POTUS.


Are you saying that it’s never justified for anyone, including game wardens, to kill an animal in (what we judge to be) the best interests of the rest of the herd ?

Or are you saying that animals do sometimes need to be killed, but it’s not right to take a large amount of money from a rich first-worlder in return for letting them pull the trigger ?

For what it’s worth I personally think it’s pretty sick to get enjoyment out of killing. But as long as the method of killing is much the same whoever does it, and as long as it’s under the control of people who have the animals’ best interests at heart, then I don’t imagine that the giraffes would care much either way. The local rhinos might though, if the money could pay for wardens who would stop poachers from butchering them for their horns …



I understand your point, but what would happen ‘in the wild’? Would the old giraffe just die and the rest of the young bulls fight for supremacy? Would order return? Surely the old bull served some sort of role in the giraffe community?


And if you can sell the rights to that shoot for loads of money that goes into conservation, then the logical thing to do is to let these awful people shoot those majestic animals.

Sometimes, it’s hard to favour logic over emotion.


The issue here is Trophy Hunting, the glorification of the hunt and basking in its outcome.

Personally, when it comes to animal conservation, i think ethics do have a part to play. In many private parks in S Africs, animals are bred to be hunted to make money, this the the reality of the situation.


(if required) The old giraffe should have been shot by game wardens as they manage the reserve and not trophy hunting american cunts.


Are there no lions around to take down old giraffes, or have they all been shot too?


But where’s the cash in that?


I do wonder what the actual facts are in this specific case if the cash is substantial and a large proportion of it
Is genuinely going to conservation I could perhaps tolerate it. It would be nice to sift out the fake news on this and establish the true story and if it constitutes a net loss or gain to the Animal kingdom - Whatever the facts are, the idea supporting Trophy Hunters like fox hunting repels me.


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To the thieving twat who keeps stealing my cans of pop from the fridge at work, you will find the next one is going to be VERY lively when you open it.


Mark them with your dna


Wipe an appropriately hot chilli around the rim near the ring-pull. Hope they drink from the can. Don’t forget that you have done this.



EBay can have one - I sold an item this morning and was told because my account has been inactive for a while I will not get the proceeds put into my account for twenty days. Not sure what inactive means because I paid for stuff just two days ago. Arsewipes.


Or just stick this to the fridge door


I have a colleague who is helping me maintain a decent level of pressure in the bait can…

If this fails to identify the thief, then the chilli method will be utilised.

After that, I will be injecting laxative into the can.


Sometimes the law really is an ass…