Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


AS much as it is sometimes uncomfortable, institutions have a Duty of Care.

“Revenge is an ugly seed, and once it’s planted it soaks into your veins, feeding off your cells until they grow as black and dark as it is, eventually casting an ominous mask over your soul.”
― J.M. Sevilla.




And as much as it irks me and probably every other decent person we cannot allow a situation where prisoners are meting out punishment as they see fit - if that’s what happened here.




Me or him?


Him unless he’s a hero of yours


Phew - glad we cleared that up then :laughing:


Silly twats on Sky Sports app banging on about whether England team should book a parade ffs.

Jeezas. Win the fucker then we’ll see.


Yes , agreed


One of the nastiest, most vile creatures in the known universe. And a Dalek.


Wrong place


You’re right - it should be Skaro


BT and the advertising agency AMV BBDO for the new BT Plus advert featuring the woman listening to New Order canngave one each.

The ad itself is quite clever but the strapline is a different matter - the best signal “in and out the home”

Seriously? Twats.




Two types of bell end in one picture.


Cockpunch to employers who wont let staff see the semi final !! my son working at a factory and they wont allow to watch wed night at all


I fail to see how football is of such great important that a cockpunch is warranted.






I was going to post a long list then realised I was just in a bad mood as no longer on holiday.

Fuck holidays.


Paypal require a big kick in the goolies…