Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


yes , i passed a chap today blowing his leaves into the road and had similar thoughts


Whoever was doing the driving…


An interesting message from a deluded eBay seller who sold the item with BIN and then decided not to sell the item as they didn’t like the price of the BIN they themselves set.

### ill remove your fucking chin you prick,now weasel away to ebay and tell them i am abusing you.fucking knob

Clearly the use of all lower case, no spacing and poor sentance construction indicates a less than great education.

The fact that they are threatening somebody they don’t know who they are (I could be plod for instance), clearly shows a wreckless abandon for legal stricture.

In this case the negative feedback I gave the seller, has enflamed him.

Clearly a cock.


Either that or a plastic surgeon with very poor customer service skills.


Maybe, personally I think the seller fancies themself as a pugilist.


Perhaps, but have you considered that it may be Anthony Joshua under a nom de plume?

After all, you don’t know him :wink:


It is entirely possible that the current boxing world champion was selling a cable on eBay, but in reality I suspect not.


He could be :grin:


Indeed, there is a 1 in 7.7 billion chance that it is him.


About the same odds as that cable being any different to the ones you already have.


Now is this a hate crime?


It had nice plugs and I liked the colour of the shielding, that is enough for me.




Back on topic for a moment: Kwasi Kwarteng can have one for being an utter cunt on the TV this morning. Being thick as mince is not an excuse for being a heartless cock-end.


So now it seems that, depending on the vendor, Black Friday lasts 9 days. Fucking hell, it was bad enough receiving countless emails when it was only 1 day.

Massive punch in the bollocks to Black Friday.


You’ve had it easy. I’m getting Black November emails :unamused:


Ouch ::disappointed:


Severe and sustained genital stamping to the low-life scrote who has ruined my fucking morning.


Balls, that’s shit :anguished:


Absolute cunt. Did you leave a stray £1 coin on the seat?