Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


The advantage of a smart meter is that it can actually quantify the amount of energy that a specific device uses. That said, I would have thought that most people who might change their lifestyles based upon this information probably already reduce unnecessary usage.


When my kids were teenagers, they would have paid fuck all attention to this device or anything said to them, their hair needs drying for 45 minutes, so fuck you parents.

Just a thought.


I had a discussion with my ex supplier

  • We need to come and fit a smart meter
  • It’s a government requirement
    What benefit has it got for me?
  • It allows you to see what you are using.
    I live on my own, I have nothing on automatic timers I know what I am using
    *It allows us to get accurate meter readings
    So it is a benefit for you and not me?
  • No sir it is a benefit for you
    How is it a benefit for me?
  • The government want everyone to have one because of the energy savings
    What energy savings will I get?
  • You will be able to make informed decisions on what you use
    I already do that
    *Well sir it is a government requirement
    My meter is in the basement and I live on the third floor will the system connect that far
  • Err we would have to see about that when we come.
    It’s just that my neighbour has one and it is using the only socket by the meters and he can’t see it as it is in the basement.
  • Well our engineers would have to check all that sir.
    Can you install this without me being there?
  • Well we would need access to the meter location and your flat sir
    Forget it I’m not taking a day off work for this nonsense
  • Well it is a government requirement sir…




Lol, my conversation with then ended with the opening words “fuck off”. Never did hear back from them.


While I’m at it, moths can have one, the little cunts. Not only have they trashed a rug, they have also dined out on my Norwegian jumper!


Like fuck it is, was my response to this statement.
Haven’t been asked since :+1:


Me, having spent an hour and a half finding out why one channel was down on my second system on the vinyl side (CD worked fine). Thought initially that the tonearm cable was the issue, then the cartridge tags, so re-did them, still not working, then… swapped the cables between SUT and pre and bingo, it was one bad connection on a VdH cable.

Quite why this took so long, idiot. :roll_eyes:

Transrotor Fat Bob S and VdH MC One working lovely now.


All the cunting companies emailing to say that “Black Friday isn’t over yet”

Yes it is it’s Saturday you bell ends, now fuck off.


Sir (ffs) Christopher Chope, yet again…




Presumably you mean what a cunt?




Good. Coz he fucking is without doubt



FFS ! Where does their gun lunacy end ?

Maybe the kindest thing for sensible (?) USA would be to put all the gun carrying / supporting loons in the Grand Canyon and let them all play cowboy games with themselves.


HMV can have one. I don’t know what algorithm they use (or if they use one at all) but it is rong™. Very rong™ to recommend this…


Maybe he’s gone prog. Could be an album of Rush covers.


You are still not tempting me to listen to the God bothering cunt :exploding_head:


I am told Cliff appeals to the old fart posse. Quit whining and admit that you’ve been snared by the HMV ‘you’re an old cunt’ algorithm.

HTH Grandpa :wink: