Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


These fuckers. I think we all know what happened here!


They should be Birched


They really should leaf things alone.


His ashes should be sprinkled over the plot


actually not “the government” it’s pathetic public procurement rules used by the CD, trust I have dealt with them
the UK programme was a car crash from the very start


A seminal band, and they still are.


Brilliantly, most of them are incompatible with having solar panels in a wonderful example of joined up thinking.

While we are at it, two of our friends live in new build houses where the covenants include not having solar panels, supposedly due to planning constraints. Listed properties I understand, but new builds? Really?


HMRC, who have just presented me with a bill for almost £5k while they have also previously adjusted for all this in my current tax code. Cunts.


To the scrote + his getaway driver who thinks its OK to snatch my mums handbag in supermarket car park.

This is an 80+ yr old who’s very proud to get out and look after herself, the money isn’t the greatest concern (£50) but the knock to her confidence deserves long and prolonged torture of the ball sack.

Thankfully he opened the passenger door as she got into drivers seat, and apart from the shock of it she’s ok.

We should have one too for accepting a police crime number instead of a visit from plod. We know they’re stretched too far, yet its become the norm.



Sorry to hear this Mark. Thank God she’s OK.

Lowlife scrotes should be shot.


Man, that’s low.

I hope your Mum bounces back quickly.



Just fuckers.


Does the supermarket have CCTV ? Send your mum my sympathies and tell her it can happen to anyone, young or old, male or female (in my case right in the middle of Paris, wallet not handbag, and I was walking not driving). It’s rare and she should try and forget it as soon as she can. I hope there wasn’t anything of sentimental value in the bag. If they catch him he needs smacking hard. Shame she didn’t run him over.



Fuck, that’s awful. Hope your mum’s ok.


cctv of a car leaving carpark in a rush, but they need to check the others.

The fella that chased the scum, plus the other that was nearby and cared for her goes someway to help, and as we’ve seen its not every day occurrence.


At least with a crime number you can stay ‘on it’ & chivvy them along to pursue this.


Just cunts. Hope they get caught soon.

Glad Mum’s ok mate.


Sorry, should have added, pleased that your Ma is alright.


That’s shit mate.

Truly hope your Mum is OK.


Scum. Hope your Mum is ok.