Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


That is so shitty. Hope your mum is ok, and her confidence returns quickly.


Really hope Mum is ok, as for the thieves I have no words but wish them a horses hoof to the nethers.


Hope your Mum is ok and it doesn’t have any long term effect on her. There really are some utter scum out there.


That’s horrible. All the best to your mum.


Best wishes for your mom.


Huge cockpunch to the dick who owns this beautiful GT6, It’s been sitting on the driveway next door to where I am working for months, with 4 flat tyres :open_mouth:


Not to worry - they’re only flat at the bottom…:smiley:


Needs to be garaged.


Needs to be given to me :grin:


but you said you were over your mid-life crisis :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…also, how come it’s taken you months to finish that job? :stuck_out_tongue:


Make the owner a cheeky offer


True but if I had my arm twisted :thinking: I’ve only been there a week, the client told me it’s been sitting there composting.
Back in the 70s a mate of mine had one, we often used to go up to Brum( after the pubs closed) to a club, 3 in the front and one lying on the parcel shelf :grinning:


I had a mk1 version better looking than that - Nightmare in the wet.


It would probably handle better with me lying on the parcel shelf :thinking:


Yes but it might have compromised the 0 to 60 time (I think it was 12.7 seconds) which was fast then but v slow now.


It’s true isn’t it? I had a Sierra XR 4X4 back in the 90’s which I thought was quick, it would probably struggle against the average family saloon these days. The thing is the Triumph straight 6 and the Ford V6 sounded the business :yum:


CP is too lenient for the cunts that did this


That is fucking scary. My first line of enquiry would be the local miseryguts who has been complaining about the noise from the playground.


Apart from the feeling of disgust and anger a silly question comes to mind - why ? That is, regardless of age some sick fuck.


WTF could make someone even think of doing something like this? My mind is fucking boggling.