Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


To be honest this makes sense. There’s also this guy:

We need to look at how self-identifying as something gives you rights you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s a complicated subject, so it’ll be fucked up by our government for a couple of decades at least.


I 100% agree about MAN


There’s a picture on that link that makes him look like Rolf Harris.


That is probably somewhat worse for your dating profile than being 67


Not so much a coockpunch as a pat on the back. It’s time for the annual “alcohol is evil” posters to hit the workplace.

This year’s is priceless. First paragraph is the normal alcohol is evil set piece. The second paragraph then gives advice on how to last the night drinking, including the use of pasta, potatoes or milk to line the gut. Only in Barrow :slight_smile:


It is too. You get pretty quickly into a discussion of whether there is such a thing as objective truth and, if there is, which areas it can be applied to. I’d argue for mathematics (yes), the quality of art (no), what a man or woman is and which of them can have babies (hmmm …)

And as for what’s funny and what isn’t …



Do you know how to twerk?

Ffs, what could prompt anyone to say that out loud

A boot in the bollox for this fucking (French DJ, apparently) nonentity :rage:

The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)

One of my oldest friends has decided to cease treatment for her cancer and has moved to palliative care in a hospice. It seems it will all be over before Xmas. She and I have been friends since I first went to Oz as a Lecturer and she was a final year PhD student. It is very troubling to lose someone so vibrant and engaged with her family, friends and career at such a young age. I will miss fighting with her over the wording of our papers very much.

Yet another CP to cancer.


Cockpunch to the bloke, aptly named Dick, from Cartmel, who phoned into You and Yours - R4 a few minutes ago. The programme is about ‘workers living in poverty’ He has five income streams, his wife took early retirement from the NHS and has a private pension, he receives the full state pension, they both work 3 days a week and he owns a holiday home that he rents out. He’s complaining that ‘for things like holidays etc’ they have to use money from their savings and doesn’t think he should have to do that.

That’s not poverty, you stupid fucker. Listen to the other poor buggers on the programme who live on soup, depend on food banks or can’t pay their rent without leaving themselves short of money for their food shopping. The thought of a holiday to them probably never enters their heads. That’s poverty.


Watch former Cameron advisor Steve Hilton’s interview on last night’s newsnight. Be aghast that this vacuous popinjay was ever enlisted for such a responsible role. A 20 ton boulder launched by trebuchet might just apply sufficient impact.


The next person to say “through the lens of” in a meeting or email is going to get a punch through the lens of their cock.


And as if by magic I’ve just had a mail about “our strategic lens of innovation”.

Setting out to hunt down the perpetrator now.


Punch him through the lens of his glans.


I watched that last night, what a total prick.


you’ll need to focus hard on the man hunt


Double targets today.
The lying, cheating Armstrong cunt for not being stripped of more ill-gotten gains.
Plus another sound reason never to use Uber.


Nope mate, it’s because you were a cheating cunt. The fact you were also a cunt is by the by.


That’s Lance, not you, obvs.


Nor me :slight_smile:

I’m claiming the hangover defence.


^ In the very best tradition of the meatman - flailing randomly in all directions at once. :grin: