Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


aka First Annual Northerner (or from @pmac 's viewpoint, Midlander)

Having spent a weekend at Hornby Laithe (see below) I thought it would be a good venue for a “Lopwell North” and I’ve booked it for the weekend of September 14th to 16th 2018. There will be 36 places at a cost of £30 each for the 2 nights.

The bunkhouse is about 2 miles north of Settle, and a couple of hundred yards down a track from the road. The owners (nice folk) are in a house at the top of the track.

It has a lounge with comfy seats for 17 and room for stacking chairs as well. The barn outside has an upper lounge area with sofas for 22 and again plenty of space for smaller chairs. The barn lounge has several table games (table footy etc) and there is a table tennis table below with plenty of space around.
The dining room will seat about 40 and could have a system in as well. The kitchen is quite well-equipped.
No fire pit outside but a BBQ area with tiered levels and seating on all. We’ll have to keep outside noise down after 11 because of a campsite just up the valley, but there’s plenty of room indoors.
There’s a pub 800 yards away if anyone gets desperate.

Great Dales scenery, walking and cycling (on and off-road) from the door, climbing and caving for the more adventurous. Plenty of less energetic attractions too with Settle, show caves, a falconry centre and railway nearby.

Sleeping is in bunk rooms of varying sizes, with pillows provided but you will need to bring a sleeping bag and towel. If you want to be alone you could camp in the adjoining field. Camper vans can be parked just outside the barn.

Questions, volunteers for kit and cooking, and definite interest below please.

Edit 16/1/18 -
Photos in posts 77 & 78 below. Great that the main list filled in 24 hours. I’m sure that there will be some drop-outs so if you’re still interested then sign up on the reserves bench.



1 Dave - octh PAID
2 Bob - BobC PAID
3 Tim - spider PAID
4 Bruce - Brucer2 PAID
6 Guy - Gyroscope PAID
10 Steve - SAP7 PAID
11 Paul - loo PAID
12 Stu - A_Touch_Of_Cloth PAID
13 Ian - ijrussell PAID
14 Mick - mickbald PAID
15 Rob - freefallrob PAID
16 Edd - edd9000 PAID
17 Jim - Jim PAID
18 Ritchie - Wayward PAID
20 Nick - Myrman PAID
21 Craig - cragger PAID
24 Mark - DiveDeepDog PAID
25 Steve - rmsshipbroker PAID
26 Graeme - Valvebloke PAID
27 Pete - coco PAID
28 Andy - adpully PAID
29 Micky - mickyricky PAID
31 Rob - Rob998 PAID
32 Paul - pmac PAID
34 Mark - browellm PAID
35 Guy - murrayjohnson PAID

Paid but unable to attend (we’ll miss you!)
John - J_B PAID
Wayne - crimsondonkey PAID
Gregg - catcando PAID
Adam - Amdismal PAID
Chris - thebiglebowski PAID


Front ends:
murrayjohnson’s R2R
DDD’s 401 & SME 3012 (detachable headshell)
freefallrob’s Pro-Ject 2Xperience Acryl+Speed Box/Denon DL-103R
Rob998’s Techie sl1700 with AT95e
Carts:DDD 's Audio Technica and Denon mc’s
MickyRicky’s Paradise phonostage
Myrman’s Audio Innovations MM/MC phonostage
Mickbald’s Roksan Caspian DX2 phonostage
freefallrob’s Arkless Cambridge 640p
Octh’s Vincent CD 3 & Northern Fidelity 32/384 DAC
Mickbald’s Cyrus CD XT Signature

SAP7’s Perreuax 255i, integrated with dac and phono
Spider’s Gamma
ATOC’s Vanessa
Brucer2’s 2A3
Edd9000’s DIY Pass pre and power
Octh’s DIY power with passive pre
cragger’s Parasound HCA-1200MK II

murrayjohnson’s Heco Einklangs
Edd9000’s Teribil Audio big actives
ijrussell’s Teribil Audio standmounts
Octh’s Revox Plenum B2s
Cragger’s Bose 802s

2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off

Yes please :slight_smile:


Hi Dave
Well I’m free that weekend at the moment so put we down for a place.


Yes please.


Put me down my man. And good show


Bravo for organising! And paying up front.


Oh hell yes! In.

Well done @octh


Yes please!


Yes please.




I can’t make it but well done for organising summat :+1:


Yes please
Good one :+1:


Yes pls


Yes please


Yes please, very keen. Do they take dogs?


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Oh, and yes please, sign me up.


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Yep, I’m in :+1:


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