Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Yes please Dave Can you add me - Cheers


Me please !


Yes please


Yes please, subject to approval from SWMBO…


BTW, my 65th is 14/09/18 so bring cake :grin:


And my 49th is 10/09/18, so bring more cake.


Kinell, power restored JIT

I fancy this, always liked the midlands :grinning:

Put me down*

*yeah, yeah


BTW my 60th is that month too (you know the rest … cake …).



I’d like to go if I can get permission…


S’alright, you can bring the DL-103, go on…


Book first, ask questions later, that’s what I have done!


Please, Dave!


I’ve got a med sized fire pit in my back garden I could take to make a fire in if a fire is needed.


Fire is needed.


So we essentially get two rooms we can wedge with kit and the possibility of using the kitchen/dining area too. What are the sizes of the other two rooms, just thinking of speakers required to drive them.


I haven’t measured them, Bob, but I’d guess that the lounge is about 5m x 8m (ceiling not that high, maybe 2.7m?), the dining room is about 7m x 3.5m with a high (apex roof) ceiling, and the sofa-d bit of the barn is about 4m x 7m with fairly high ceiling, with at least the same floor space adjoining with games tables. I’ll put up some photos I took at my December visit. Big speakers in the dining area could be a problem with the tables, but fine in the other two areas.


I’ve got some Triangle standmounts I could bring for the kitchen area if I don’t manage /bother to sell them by then?


I’ll need to get permission from the boss but put me down for a place Dave. I can probably bring the open baffles with separate subs I’ve just started building…


Did someone mention big speakers?


Will you require some boot space, sir?