Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


A few sources of faff in the lounge


What a great weekend! The food was fantastic, @Wayward, @Mickyricky, @Rob998 and @octh produced miracles. Sign me up for next year.


Master Tailor deep in thought on how to dress the meal😀Many Thanks Ritchie it was excellent!!
Many hands make light work Rob and Stu on washing up duties :+1:
All in all a fantastic weekend !!
Thanks to Dave for organising it and Ritchie for the Evening meal …you lot for contributing to the food mountain and for being yourselves to make the weekend special …
Too absent friends sorry you missed it but be sure to get your name down for next years event …it was that good …Hope everyone had a safe journey home and again a big Thank You to you all …Micky


I don’t even know where to start with the thanks, other than to say I said it personally before I left!
From the trip arrangement and walk master, to the lift master, to the cook masters, to the bbq master…

Etc. (‘Cos I’ll remember something else any minute!).

I’m spent too. About sums it up!
Excellent adventure

My sincere thanks to all of you.


Meat faff :heavy_check_mark:
Meat Stall faff :heavy_check_mark:
Curry faff :heavy_check_mark:
Covfeffe faff :heavy_check_mark:
Hifi faff :heavy_check_mark:
Tape faff :heavy_check_mark:
Unsalted butter faff :heavy_check_mark:
Bacon, sausage and egg sandwich faff :heavy_check_mark:

Perfection achieved in meat man meeting.

Many thanks to all involved.


I feel totally debauched.


Fantastic meat meet. The Schumann waves were strong this weekend.
Great venue Dave, nice find and thanks for all your organising effort.


Great weekend. Many thanks to everyone involved in organising, cooking, hifi-ing, drinking and stuff.

I thought it was a tremendous success and it’s a perfect venue for such events.


Just got in.

Huge thanks to everyone for making it such a great time. Particular thanks to Dave for masterminding the whole thing and, along with Andy, taking care of the fire alarm incidents - all three of them (Vanessa swears they were nothing to do with her) ! Also to Ritchie for Saturday’s dinner, including showing me how to stuff potatoes (think teaching your dog to crochet) and to Mickyricky for epic breakfast duties when all around were recovering from limoncello.

As for Dave’s idea of ‘a walk’ … well, you’ve seen the actual pics of some of us actually doing it. The fact was that when it came to the Gordale Scar waterfall climb he arranged a group photo (presumably for the coroner) purely to distract us completely from this (photo nicked from the web)

None of us was calm enough to get cameras/phones out until nearly the top of the second section of the scramble. But if we had been then a shot like this (again nicked but showing precisely the way we came up) gives some idea of what it felt like about half way up, clinging on to the wet rocks while trying not to contemplate how far away and how rocky the ground was

When I told Mrs VB about all this she said she was shocked to hear that we didn’t have a Responsible Adult with us and that I wasn’t going to be allowed out to play with those boys again. She’ll mellow though :wink:.



A great weekend and an ideal location. Really hope we can do it again next year. Massive thanks to Dave for organising this.


Forgot to mention, the weapons grade limoncello was pretty scary. I’d love to know what’s in it. Or maybe not.

Also, huge thanks to @A_Touch_of_Cloth and @Mickyricky for transport reasons. Much appreciated!


Hugely successful, fun weekend and the food was the best I’ve had this year, incredible.

Definitely up for going to the next one, although I will say sleeping in the lounge last night proved to be a good idea after being woken by the mystery 6am alarm in room 9.

Whoever owned that phone, you are a master of troll.






Does anyone have one of these spare?


And for my next trick I shall pull ze handkerchief out of Jims ear




Venue looks great and seems that an awesome time was definitelybhad by all :+1:


Another top AA weekend. Many thanks to all, in particular Dave for organising, Richie, Rob and Micky for some amazing food. Additional thanks to Guy for transport and the rest for making the event so much fun. Thanks also to those who helped with the final clean up.

I’m shattered.