Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th




It bloody was, at least 60% i reckon. two fingers was enough to give a instant high :crazy_face:

Pete called it Novicello…


Shame there aren’t any pics of @A_Touch_of_Cloth s new Rolex


“The name’s Cloth. A Touch of Cloth”


I saw that photo and thought it was a Timex.


Why the fuck is it outside his sleeve ?


I think there may be a certain amount of :fishing_pole_and_fish: going on.


I could understand that with a proper one … :slight_smile:


mind you people are often allergic to the crap metal in the fake ones. Maybe he’s protecting his wrist from a nasty itchy red rash.


some fantastic pics , thanks . glad it all went well



I think that may still be up there. I assumed that it was for the TV in the lounge when I did the final check today. If it’s missing I will let the owners know, and I can pick it up in a couple of weeks when I’m near there again - if you can wait that long for it.


Thanks to loads of people who made this weekend so brilliant.
Dave for organising. Absolutely amazing job Dave 10/10 go to the top of the class.
Richie, Micky, Andy, and everyone who cooked and fed us all over the weekend.
Steve and Richie on Coveffe duties and
Everybody who brought loads of gear to listen to all weekend.
And All the walking gang for not dying in a spectacular way while climbing the waterfall in Goredale scar.
Absolutely brilliant weekend. Roll on 2019.


Looks like an absolute blast. I thoroughly hate you all

Yours in envy



This is the pork shoulder after Ritchie had skinned it and rubbed it with magic foo paste that required chili-proof gloves. Probably about 10pm Friday.
This was after he’d had minutes of panic because some idiot (me) had forgotten to bring the foil trays essential for steam BBQing of the meat. Luckily we improvised with a stainless pan (now a tasteful bronze colour) and a bowl.
At about 2am Saturday, during and after much limoncello and other potions, he set up the BBQ and started the cooking.
Still up at 5.30am, he set the BBQ controls to smoke/steam/roast and retired to bed. By 8am he was up again, anxiously checking the temperature and making adjustments to the inferno regulator.
Cooking continued through Saturday, with frequent adjustments, and by the evening he was marinating the chicken thighs in Kondo kimchi paste, directing foo potato stuffing (see VB’s post) , grilling oiled lettuce and creating a kaleidescopic salad.
All this (and more that I’ve forgotten) for a few tons of abattoirists to devour in seconds.
That is creative dedication! Needless to say, the results were magnificent.
I salute you, sir!


Soon a dish will be made that can only be eaten at such AA gatherings. The recipe held by trusted guardians, the preparations handed from father to son.


In case anyone’s interested in the detail here, as well as I can remember, is where we walked

Google Earth says 9.9km (6.2mi) round-trip distance with 303m (994ft) of ascent and, obviously, descent.



No need, was something @A_Touch_of_Cloth and I were laughing about in a thread weeks ago. :slight_smile:



This is my “Was that your fucking alarm this morning” face. Or just pre-covfeffe,