Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


@sap7 looks like he just pissed in my covfeffe.


Any chance of names to faces for the uninitiated?

I dragged my kids (about 4 and 6 at the time) to the top of Malham Cove a few years ago. In February…:grinning:

Looks like a terrible weekend, food, alcohol, music, walking and a bunch of eccentric middle aged geezers. Not jealous at all, oh no.


cunt on the left, cunt in the middle and cunt on the right


It’s also the only photo so far of our chief breakfast chef Mickyricky with only one of many frying pans behind him. Ably assisted by Andy he slaved over the hot stove to produce mega-breakfasts on both Saturday and Sunday. Chapeau!


You had at least two cunts with clipboards there (one retired) did no one do a risk assessment?

And of course compare it the risk of staying at the venue and continuing drinking! :grin:


and more cunts all around


Left to right in this pic

Dave (octh)
Andy (Adpully)
Stuart (A Touch of Cloth)
Steve (SAP7)
Guy (murrayjohnson)
Tim (Spider)
Mick (mickbald)
Rob (freefallrob)



Isn’t that @freefallrob on the end?




It’s actually


Yup, you pass the test :+1:.

Just to show he was there

L to R
Rob (Rob998)
Pete (coco)
Jim (er … Jim)
Ed (edd9000)



It wasn’t a very big climb - and your point about comparative risk is well made :smiley:

- route up is the bulge below the chap in dull blue at the top of the fall (unless you are @SAP7 or @murrayjohnson and take the harder line up the right side…)


No point flouncing up the garden drive when you can crash through the windows.

Wet and wild is more fun!


Or me and take two steps up it, think “Certainly not with this backpack on” and splash across to the central clamber instead.



Fantastic weekend, thanks everyone for the laughs, I had a blast! Brilliant organisation Dave, it’s a great venue, even if winter seems to set in early there. :joy:


Yes it’s Freefall . He returned to Gordale Scar to repeat his very first triumphant ‘mountain’ ascent. He was 9 years old at first ascent . Ably led by me (and worried over by my wife as she took the alleged easier route with his younger sister ! ). Well done Guys ! Scafell next year?


Thanks to Dave @octh for organising a brilliant weekend, I had a fantastic time.

Ritchie @Wayward, you left your tupperware container of stock behind, and I have it. PM me your address and I’ll send it on. I might even wash it up for you because you made me a lovely coffee.


Damn, halfway home I thought I had done that! I meant to chuck the contents but it all got a bit frenetic come dishing up time.


Excellent weekend away. Thanks to Dave for organising a great venue, the chefs for keeping us fed and everyone else for just being Abbotoirists.


Well I saw mention of salad but absolutely none of CAKE!