Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Which cake? The berry muffins, the chocolate brownies, the cheesecake, the trifle (contains cake), the fruit scones (with and without sugar), the ?lemon drizzle?.. help out chaps, I’ve forgotten the rest




There was a ridiculous amount of cake.


Looks like a great weekend lads :+1:

Out of interest what speakers are these ?


Dave @octh 's Revox thingies, they sound very nice


Yes, Revox Plenum B mk 2, bass drivers replaced with non-Revox, but mesh in well. They date from 84-85, I think. 3 way bass reflex, 25kg per speaker.


Ahhhhh!!! The horror :flushed:


Thanks Dave - they look like my type of speaker. :+1:



Huge thanks to @octh for organising an epic weekend, I really enjoyed it :+1:

Thank you to my driver @DiveDeepDog for doing an excellent job :slight_smile:

All those that made lovely lovely food,@Mickyricky, @Wayward, @octh, and i’m sure others!

A few snaps.




I appreciate the whole entire post dedicated to my faff.




The weekend looked to be a fantastic time. Absolutely gutted that I couldn’t make it (especially after the week I’ve had).
I’m chuffed that you guys had a great time.
Hopefully next time :thinking:


Sincere thanks to all for the weekend… but big thanks must also be heaped upon @DiveDeepDog for his sudless fluffing. :slight_smile:



Only thing that is missing is a fishing rod and a toadstool and it would be a must for any front garden. :slight_smile:


I think @Wayward would make somebody a fantastic wife.