Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Brilliant and quick, too :+1:




I’d marry him :smile:


He wouldn’t have you !


I’m flighty.


This is troo :kissing_heart:


Off you fuck :unamused:


Tetchy meets flighty :thinking:






He’d gave to bin the gas barbeque off for sure. And the Prog . And the earrings.


Terrific weekend despite 14.5 hours in the car!
Arrived lateish on Friday after the drive from hell & proceeded to get absolutely battered on some very entertaining spirits. Limoncello for the win. Bed at 2.30, comatose til 12 nearly missing the walk.

Amazing how some precipitous climbing & the risk of serious injury clears the head though! For a moment or two I was expecting us to be a story on the 10 o clock news.

Malham & its surroundings were new to me. A lovely area.

Took a more sensible approach to Saturday evening to enjoy Ritchie’s feast. Some spectacular flavours there. Followed by a magnificent breakfast courtesy of Micky & the crew to set us on our way this morning.

Thanks to Dave for arranging and to everyone else for being such good company. Looking forward to next time,

Bushed now. To bed.


Never. Ever. Ever :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your loss :grin:



Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.




Needs a flute for a proper Tull album cover



I could probably sort that :+1:


You keep your flute to yourself!


Order of importance to me -
Great bunch of established friends, still welcoming of newbies.
Splendid venue, with ideal mix of 2 large listening rooms, and a “quiet” kitchen. :sweat_smile: Much unheard music.
Huge variety of good kit cycling between the 2 rooms, with Ed’s DIY speakers at Pro level of sound and finish getting mention in despatches. As does completing a room sweep for DSP in timely fashion. Colour me impressed.
My first roast-off, but not my last. Thanks to all, including those in the wings. :mage:


Craig also, for most maturity in charge of a volume control. :slight_smile: