Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Plus Guy’s odyssey from the SW, showing R2R and how far the Hecos have progressed cabinet finishing.
Could swear I saw a man with a van turn up in the car park, and offer him exotic tapes in rare packaging. Might 've been the chai talking, but perhaps Stronzetto is in for a treat…


Food bank flouncers


He might, but you’d have to buy him the wool.

I’ll get me coat (see what I did there ?).



Indeed! Looking forward to the next one.


A great weekend, thanks to everybody for making a newcomer feel very welcome.

Great food, great beer and great company.

A chance to hear lots of different music and see and hear lots of different hi fi combinations.

Can’t wait for the next one.

Got home , repositioned my speakers and put some music on louder than normal. Marvelous!


Found on final sweep of the building:
Purple sweatshirt and black jogging bottoms (stuffed beside lower bunk in large upstairs dorm)
Beach sandals (by front door)

If you recognise them, please let me know what to do with them (they may not be ours, last time there I was left with a pair of cycling underpants that none of our party wanted to claim)



One of our group may have just spontaneously combusted due to limonchello intake, that’s all that’s left.


The thought did cross my mind - as it slowly clears after the weekend


Jogging pants, must be an athlete, who in all the attendees could that be? We need Sherlock on this one.


Dates for your diaries.
Will post a new thread soon, but the bunkhouse is booked for Friday Sep 13th (!) to Sunday Sep 15th 2019.


Brilliant ! Anyone got any hints about upper body strength training in advance of next year’s ‘walk’ ? Don’t start on about losing the spare tyre !



I must have still been drunk. It looks downright dangerous in this picture. :grinning:


Must admit, half way up with lots of beer in me and not much sleep, I did wonder ‘WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS, IT COULD END BADLY!?’.



I’m starting to think about something to do next year. I have a few ideas…



Weather looks good for then Dave …though excess wind maybe expected :scream:


Oh dear,

Planning - it never goes well on here!


But surely your 9 year old self was reminding you how much fun it was last time? :sweat_smile:


I must also admit that nearly at the top looking down on you and VB climbing up below me I was thinking. “WHY ARE WE DOING THIS IT COULD END BADLY!!”


Here’s why Rob