Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Time for another Yaris adventure.


[Business idea]
Forget all these expensive marketing videos of cars winding their way up fancy mountain passes in the Cote d’Azur.
What’s needed is shots of massive bloke ferrying his ginormous home-made speakers around Yorkshire in his tiny supermini.


I have a 400w per channel amp I could use, that would last a long time (maybe not).


Put me down please although I may have to drop out for some family event I vaguely recall being warned about. Need to check the date.


Yes please, Dave, if still room - if not then subs bench please!


I have a friend, who does catering, for events, and she does paella.
I am sure she would let me use the kit, with a pan large enough to do 60 portions.
She has all the proper Spanish seasonings, and rice, and chorizo; we just add chicken and prawns.
Any interest, for one of the meals?
She also has a churro maker, and fryer, which would be lovely for afters.


Sounds great but chorizo is a hanging offence in Spain …


Isn’t proper Paella meant to have snails in it and no prawns?


Snails for 50 people.


Contrary to popular rumours, there is no definitive recipe for paella. It varies hugely from region to region, and also has local variations. You can put anything you like in one.
My friend does a basic chicken and chorizo version, which I like, but has done many other variations.


Top Gear Challenge perhaps!!!



Was just thinking about the possibility of lugging the Ucellos there. In rooms that size, particularly the ceiling height, would probably need a horn loaded bass/pair of fast subs to allow them to work.


Yes, rabbit is very common and sometimes even offal.

Rabbit, snail and liver paella it is then :rofl:



I can bring the M&K MX350 with me.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

He said fast, not fart.


Some photos of Hornby Laithe - apologies for poor quality.
Dining area (more behind camera):


Barn downstairs (ping-pong area):


Barn upstairs games area:

Barn upstairs seating area:

Outside BBQ & seating area:


Looks cool


@unclepuncle is already taking bets on who’s going to be the AA table tennis/football champ :+1: