Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


We do have our own Sherlock SAP7 the trousers might be his, he had worse sandals than that though.

Can a mod please give him a nom de plume?


How do you think I felt ?! If you’d let go and clipped Rob on the way down I’m not sure I could have caught you both and still stayed attached to the rocks :laughing:.



Core strength for the win :slight_smile:


The sandels are mine - you can bin them


One pair of boots :heavy_check_mark:
One pair of black trainers :heavy_check_mark:
One pair of black flip flops :heavy_check_mark:

Sandals :man_shrugging:t2:

Your recollection deceives you!


One of my personal highlights from this weekend was playing Table Tennis with @Spider, I tell you what I can see where his Son Jack gets all his talent from :wink:


That table was a bit small for Spider :grin:


Freefallrob -Your fotos captured the occassion in all its glory! The Good ,the …,and The ?


Freefallrob and sister bouldering in early 1980’s . NB the safety kit supplied on kids by mum - knitted bobble hat and padded jackets! I’m leading venture scouts with fist jamming and belaying on a Derbyshire Edge ( Froggat edge I think) as part of training to climb the waterfall on left side background foto at Gavernie in Pyraneen mountains - a big bigger than Goredale scar and in the area your esteemed leader the redoubtable Dave the Thinker was earlier in the year.


That is really thoughtful of you all. She loves you lot anyway, ever since she did Scalford with me. She will be made up you’re all thinking of her. I think a Lego kit would keep her occupied and her mind off her leg. She is hopefully home tomorrow or Wednesday so I will get her one for then. I am genuinely very moved by this and all the messages of support and kindness that have been posted that I have yet to reply to.
Cheers you bunch of big softies :+1::sweat_smile:
This was a reply to Octh’s pm but somehow got posted here? Anyway thank you everyone for the kind words of support as mentioned She will be made up that you are thinking of her. Sorry about the dramatic post on Friday I wanted to let you all know why I couldn’t make it and needed to have a bit of a rant. The Doctors and nurses have been great and apparently she is a very lucky girl. The consultant said that due to the safety surface under the climbing frame, her shoes (kickers ankle boots) and the fact she landed on one bent leg (I struggled with this)stopped it being potentially more serious. Apparently her shoe made her foot behave like a solid object like a head and stopped her ankle collapsing and allowed the ground to absorb some force. Her tibia and fibula absorbed the rest of the energy causing a compound fracture of the fibula and a compression fracture of the tibia.
I’m gutted to have missed the Great Yorkshire pig out as it was going to be a bit of a celebration for me. Turns out that job interview I was preparing for, despite not being sure I wanted it, is mine and I had since convinced myself that I really wanted it, so was gonna celebrate, sadly due to this I probably will need to decline the offer now.
Nothing like a poorly child to bring you crashing down to reality, at least she should be home in a day or two.
Thanks again everyone :+1:


what kind of Lego does she like? I got Louise the double decker London bus which she will start when she is home from surgery on Friday, to keep her amused for two weeks recovery. I like the look of the Saturn V as well


Sorry to confuse, I did recollect accurrately though but I classed flip flops as a type of sandal. Is that not correct?


She does like a challenge but is only 8 so something probably on the easy side of some of the ones posted on here.
I like the London bus one :+1:
All the best to Louise with her op,


Blimey, I actually remember that! Happy days clambering around :slight_smile:


I seem to have herpaderped and left my wallet at the bunkhouse. :man_facepalming: I rang them today but neither the cleaners or the owner has seen it.

Would you lovely boys just check anything you haven’t unpacked yet to see if it fell into packaging. The last place I remember it was in the downstairs kitchen area around midnight Saturday.


I haven’t heard anybody comment on Richie’s pork as tasting like leather…hopefully it will turn up


That was funny. I couldn’t hit that table tennis ball for love or money :joy::joy::joy:


What, in the middle of someone’s excretion? They may have just been being polite…


Didn’t you have it on Sunday morning when the Hana passed your way?


That was when I last had it. It was just after midnight.