Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Afraid I’m still working on the unsalted butter and the 6am alarm mysteries.
Petty theft will have to wait.


Did you go into Ian’s barn after that?


Yep, it could have been up there too but the owner has had all the sofa cushions out etc. There wasn’t a lot of money in it, the most annoying and costly thing to replace will be my driving licence.


Have checked my gear boxes just in case Mark - no wallet.

I elected to keep my wallet in Edd’s car for the weekend.


Just checked through everything here mate, but can’t see it unfortunately :frowning:


I’ve had a look in my boxes and they just have what I brought to the weekend. Fingers crossed that it turns up soon.


Had a look through all boxes and bags and not found it sorry. Hope it turns up soon.


I think it was acually set for 6.22AM, less than an hour after myself and four or five others pitted.


Errrrrrm, was this on Saturday and could it have been 06:45?

I ask merely for information…:lying_face:





Another case solved.

Damn I’m good.


You are certainly not an entry-level cunt. :slight_smile:




I’m surprised anyone heard it over the coarse ticking of the entry level Rolex in the same room…


It’s a fair cop guvnor…


You do that shit again and you will be fucked up.



Beating confessions out of people while doing absolutely nothing at all in the comfort of one’s own home is easy money.

Talking of easy money… my next case?

Check all your coat and trouser pockets I reckon.


You have a long snooze time!


10 mins, the 07:45 time is for during the week, but on a Saturday I have to be in work earlier, and I forgot to turn it off.

I’m really, really sorry guys…