Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Its ok. We were already awake due to your snoring.



You were in room 9? Had no idea.

I would have stolen your wrist clock had I known.


Apologies if the lume was too bright.


Well, if a gentle little snuffle can disturb you, then I can only conclude that you, sir, are a Rohypnocello dodger…


Coincidentally, I also thought I’d lost my wallet during the weekend. Noticed it wasn’t in my back pocket so looked around everywhere. Found it on the floor next to the pan in the loo which I’d used earlier. Must have slipped out of my pocket when I dropped my keks.

Strange that nobody else had used that trap and found it in the intervening 2/3 hours :thinking:


Oh, hang on, you brought the Rohypnocello… :face_with_monocle:


Just for clarity around this, a reminder to readers there are two types of bone- long or spongy, and two main types of fracture in the mature/maturing body - articular and non articular, the latter not involving a joint or joints.

It’s great that Loo’s daughter fall is in the easy categories - long bone, and non-articular, hence the confidence of the surgeon.

She sure knows how to get the attention of a crowd of men… :wink:




Sorry @browellm nothing in my toilet bag, as some may have noted I wore and slept in the same things all weekend… and only ever had a jobby in trap 2 of the ladies bog. Dunno why, just felt comfortable.

Hopefully it’ll turn up soon. Is it worth getting the owner to look outside? Between the buildings?


I will summon it into existence shortly by cancelling my cards.


Have checked since I did a lot of wandering, but you’re right - there’s only one true summoning spell.


I was in room 9. It didn’t wake me. Not much would have tbh. :grinning:


Apologies accepted. tbh the snoring was worse could have been anyone in room 9.


Room 9 was mentioned by Dante.


The sombre side of Settle.

New photo by B 2T


Loving it, full cunt status acheived by wearing of Rolex on outside of clothes to demonstrate the “divers” link in the strap, nice :slight_smile:


Has anyone told him it’s a fake yet?

(oops shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag)



“Glidelock” :slight_smile:


“Glidewank” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: