Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Please could someone remind me of the LP played on the non barn system which was by a lady who sounded quite like Anais Mitchell but wasn’t


Pretty sure that was Anais Mitchell! Mark put on Xoa…


When I asked someone they said it was someone else and told me a name.
I have forgot who I asked and what they said.


Pretty much my entire 2018.


Angus & Julia Stone maybe


@Ijrussell Ian may be able to help


When I was over in the barn Ian was playing Xoa and I’ve ordered a copy as a consequence.



I have been obsessively listening on Tidal through headphones since, although it doesn’t sound quite as crisp as it did through Ian’s speakers.


I’ve been looking up how to make Ian’s speakers :grin:.



If you want boxes cut let me know since it’s all done.


PM on its way.



I really enjoyed them. :+1:


Yes I think thats her - Thanks.


PM re. how much of a fuck-up a higher efficiency pair would be is under consideration.


I would take a guess that the album was probably ‘Down the way’


A few more photos



Christ! That is a proper shot of Novicello :hushed:. I thought @Rob998 was a bit sloshed.


Dave was at it was well


Also what looks like a post drink photo of Pete


I might even have had 2…:crazy_face:

Hence my ignorance of Alarmgate until yesterday :dizzy_face:


Half that was a pretty serious amount. :grinning: