Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


I had four on Friday night and lived!


Lived ? Or existed in a state of suspended Limonation ?


I stopped to empty my boots and wring out my socks because the squelching noise was starting to get on my nerves. I thought I might go out again today. But they’re still a touch damp inside !



In summary, a quick recipe:

Take 26 Abattoirists, one venue, then:

i) add beef goulash & rice, cakes, lashings of alcohol, leave for 12 hours
ii) then add 2 kg bacon, 4 kg sausages, 2 doz eggs, lots of tomatoes, mushrooms, beans
iii) mature a further 12 hours (with music, some stirring and lots of barby fooing)
iv) then add 9kg BBQ’d pork shoulder, 30 BBQ’d chicken thighs, goat curry, 30 baked potatoes, some salad (careful!!), more alcohol and music, leave overnight
v) repeat step ii)
vi) go home

Illustrated version:
Carefully unload:
Set up barn system:
Set up lounge system:
Check proof:
prepare pork shoulder:
start overnight BBQ faff:
get horny:
and Klangy:
or stirred:
or shaken:
or concentrate
or relax:
while Vanessa sleeps:
then raid backup supplies:

and finally say goodbye until 2019:


Haha, that’s brilliant :grin:


Great review Dave !


Other than the walking,it looked a great weekend


Brilliant Dave, well done.


^^^^ very good Dave, enjoyed that.


Was Pete welded to that sofa all weekend?

  • Sorry, just spotted him in the food queue pic


@octh, Dave what with the discussions about deposits for next year, it made me think, are you covered for all the costs for this year? I remember you said you were £90 down but a lot of the guys had chipped in as they left. Better to increase the float than you to loose out tbh.


Lads!! Relive your Death defying walk and climb around the infamous Malham Cove with Julia (fitbird) Bradbury…This Tuesday 7.30 pm ITV…get the family watching …:grinning::+1:


Is it this one (recorded first time around direct from the telly, I think)

If so then it wasn’t bad, but like almost all ‘walking’ programmes there was a lot of chatting to locals and not very much walking going on. And she didn’t go up the waterfall, despite there being precious little water that day.



Yes it is Graham ! obviously she ain’t as brave as meat men ! I thought it be an example of the stunning scenary in the Dales for those who aren’t too familiar with the area .


Yes, it does the scenery well. She stands quite close to the cove edge !



The Malham pie is a thing? And we didn’t have one? FFS!


I feel let down.


Aren’t they associated with The Buck Inn in Malham ? Maybe you have to eat there to experience them. Still, perhaps someone fancies cooking a few in time for next year.



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please remind me of the paypal address for the payment please Dave…

i know…:roll_eyes: