Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


I’d have paid already but the sheer volume of Dales threads and posts is making my tiny brain hurt and I can’t keep up.
I need to search for how much again!


I seem to be missing a 3m pair of XLR cables (Siver Mogwai) and I can’t remember if I took them to this or not.


Checked my bags mate, but not here. Amy has an expensive looking skipping rope though :thinking:


They will definitely improve her skipping. Have you tried putting a Shakti stone on top of her head :smiley:


I’ll have a word with @ICHM, I’m sure he’d let Amy borrow one :+1:


Received a PayPal refund notification on Monday and I’m assuming it is this. Thanks again everyone or Octh. A very nice gesture indeed. Sadly she is still in hospital and getting more than a bit frustrated. I caught her giving one of the auxiliaries the finger yesterday, made me want to jump for joy.