Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


OK I won’t bother fatty.


Yaris has been replaced with an Astra Estate.


Fuckin’ lottery winners :angry:



You won’t get much luck dogging there like that.


How do you pay the deposit Dave ?


I’ve paid a deposit which I’m happy to live with for a couple of months, Micky. The amount (£23 for accomodation) is small and I don’t want to go round twice collecting money, so I’ll ask for the full amount by the end of March. I’ll PM payment details to all who are still on the definite list then.


And maybe look at a contribution towards basic provisions, a la Southwester?


Yep, probably the best way.




And sausage


May need to make one of these for the journey between bunkhouse and barn


Just to confirm my commitment to this … we have rescheduled our holiday so I can attend.

It was a touch frosty for an hour or two but I have come out the other side with only needing to refit the bathroom before I go.



Good abattoirist - getting priorities right, well done!

(btw, I’ve been through two divorces…)


Meat and two veg?


Mine still intact (just) - don’t know about @A_Touch_of_Cloth


… and nearly the cause of mine. :slight_smile:


Can I pay the payment to you at Kegworth Dave ? or will complicate things …


I’ll put a note up soon Micky


Will keep an eye out.