Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


Any updates ?


Not yet - must get to it…


Maybe as a start get people’s deposits off them, that will focus minds :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, once I’ve tidied up the jobs from the mountaineering club photo competition that I ran last night.


Will the cape for this sojourn need to be trimmed with whippet fur?
Or will three week old Yorkshire pud be sufficient?


Sorry folks, been a bit busy lately. I’ll send PMs with payment details at the end of the month.
Hope everyone can still make it.

Flat caps with capes??


Capes are Lopwell copyright. Flat cap and a pipe


Fine by me. Don’t forget the ferret.


No ferrets here, I might manage an Otter?


If you can get it on the plane / boat


No Problem, I’ll becoming by boat/car as I’m going to spend a few days with my Dad in Hartlepool.


Is that an AA euphemism? :joy:


You might want to keep the otter’s pocket away from Sodders…or vice versa.


Very becoming…


OK, everyone, time to pay to secure your place at this memorable event.
I’m going to ask £30 each, of which about £23 is for accomodation. The remainder will be used for essentials and breakfast supplies.
I’ll PM everyone shortly with my bank and Paypal details, please make sure that you put your Abattoir name with your payment so that I can keep track.
If you can’t make it then please let me know now, likewise if anyone wants to join the subs bench.


Paid you PayPal gift Dave…Thanks for organising or will it end up like that :grinning:


Uhh, exactly what @Mickyricky said. Paid by PayPal gift, and thank you very much for organising.



Just transferred through Dave.


All done.


Will sort today. Looking forward to this North West event.

Nor east my arse :slight_smile: