Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


So, any thoughts on kit, or is it too early?

From memory there’s space for a few set ups?


Yorkshire’s a big count[r]y :grinning:


Not thought about it yet.
The lounge is the obvious place for a main system, and we could put something smallish in the dining room.
The barn is large, but the system there would have to be shut down at 11pm. The barn may not be lockable (can’t remember), though there shouldn’t be many others around. Of course, given the atmospheric disturbances likely in the dorms, a kip on the barn sofas might not be a bad idea…


Got a pair of Bose 802s ready for the courtyard rave.


I’d better get my boilersuit dry cleaned then.


It’s months away…

Some of you will be on your third iteration of kit by then.




As I was the jammy bastard that got the 3012, I’d like to bring it on a 401. Removable headshell so carts can be a free fo all?


Sounds good (or I expect that it will) - who’s next?


Well, depending on what others want to bring, I’ll offer to bring the Uno Finos (need some help unloading though). If someone else fancies bringing alternatives I’m happy to withdraw.

Obvs I can bring a R2R :grinning:


Paradise phono 2box or my 4 box


We have one space available if anyone else wants to come along. Just pop a post here…

Most have paid the £30 now, many thanks.
Just a few to cough up…


Name and shame :scream:


Grace period first


I’m sorry to say I can’t make this gathering. Too much going on in September. :frowning_face:


Sorry you can’t make it Guy.

Two places now available for this epic adventure


It is probably me due to the yellow. I’ve also PM’ed @Stepmotheratomicbomb to let him know I won’t make it to Lopwell, but heard nothing back.


No, you let me know promptly, thanks.


Happy to pay extra if need be, @octh


Oh fuck, terrible news. Me and Guy had collated an extensive collection of jazz flute for you on 7.5ips R2R tape…

Shame that Olan but there’ll be plenty of opportunities in the future when you’re less yellow.