Yorkshire Dales roast-off Sep 14th to 16th


I don’t earn enough to pay tax :pensive:




I actually can’t remember the last time I had any cash in hand, it’s probably 10 years +. All my work is sub-contract under the CIS scheme. ie Emergency tax deducted at source and I have to submit accounts and claim the over-payment at the end of the tax year.


^^^ Otherwise known as the holiday fund :smiley:


Either that or you have to spend a certain amount of time out of the country for optimal tax efficiency.


Obvious post for the tax lurking inspectorate


Lesson identified from the southern practice session, you can run out of black pudding if you aren’t careful.

Just saying like.


Not sausages though, the things seemed to be breeding. Even Ruby might have struggled to finish them off. Shame really because they were really good ones, and cooked perfectly.


Err no there was plenty left this morning


If you’re going to leave before breakfast is served or don’t get out ya pit, tough shit


I came late to breakfast this am and there were a couple of slices of pudding left. That was about right, although there were a few surplus sausages.


Bloody lightweight. Where is your dedication?

I had to change our holiday date to ensure I could attend. Oh when am I away you say?

Six and a half hours. Oh. Yeah.


And where were you over the last weekend? Polishing your bucket?


I have many fingers in many pies …


Not nelson’s


I think a ‘p’ fell off your sentence Stu. I have fixt that for you. I’ll send you an invoice.


Normally I would have cancelled the holiday without a second thought…but I really need a break :joy:


Right, now I’m back home from Lopwell (via Dorset, the Gower and Pembroke) it’s time to get the Yorkshire meet sorted.
I’ve updated the list in post 1, and we now have 7 spare places. Anyone else want to come along?


Should I bring Vanessa ?

We could lay her on her back and marvel at Graemes handiwork.


Why not? I’m sure that some here would welcome another play with her bits