You had them, you teach them

How are we getting on at home schooling our delightful offspring?

We have created a schedule, which is six days rather than five. Weekends are cancelled. There are long breaks, mainly for the parents, I think.

Today has been quite good so far. It’s included cookery for the youngest, which she really enjoyed I think (she helped me make a big stew).

Eldest has PE right now, so he’s literally climbing the walls. He has created loads of routes using the dado and picture rails, and is getting black marks all over the Farrow and Ball paint.

I’m looking forward to DT, which will entail him helping me to fix some shit around the house that I’ve been leaving for too long. Should be handy…

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Fuckin’ hell, can’t wait to see the state of this by day 14 :grimacing: :rofl:



Our 4 yr old is in the garden with mummy cleaning his play house.

Crafts are planned for later.

I’m fully expecting it to be carnage!

Just get them an Xbox you MONSTER.


Is it too soon to mention that the schools lockdown is likely to last all the way to run straight into the summer holidays? Yes that’s right its going to be September before you get any peace and quiet again :rofl:

Personally if I had young children now I’d just run away from fucking home.


Ooh IT can involve getting Retropie working on a spare Pi…

Normally all they want to do is stay in and play Xbox/ps/pc online… now that’s allowed the little shits want to meet in real life :roll_eyes:



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Joe Wicks PE live on YouTube at 9am -Lots of online stuff for FOL1 (6) not so much for FOL 2 (2) who mostly just enjoys biting and surprise attacking - in fairness she is rather excelling in her chosen fields.

Granny reading over face time seems to kill two birds here - A) My mother wants contact with the kids and to feel useful (Her words not mine) B) Kids like story time - This is handy as after Joe Wicks I needed a lie down for ten minutes.

I’m just leaving them at home feral with a supply of pot noodles.



For our 10 year old, each evening we all roughly plan a schedule for the following day. Luckily she is the conscientious type and needs no motivation (yet) to get on with stuff. For her it is about keeping her active both physically and mentally, not about edyukashun. For us the parents it is about being able to get on with some work of our own.

Claire’s getting really stressed :rofl:

Lunchtime PE was interesting…


Don’t forget they also need a few energy drinks, probably about 4 each.


It’s tiring playing Xbox all day bless em.

Lol, the teachers are going to have a nightmare unpicking all the home schooling when the little darlings return.

Let me know if it gets a bit much for any of you, always happy to help-out - prices are going through the floor due to oversupply, but I’m buying unwanteds to break for spare parts and the Specialist meat trade - on ice or still warm :+1:

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They will end up like this…