Your first motor stories

We WERE the coolest dudes mate (and still are IMO).

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The first car I drove, and learned to drive in was a Citroen AX Debut in this Red, that was my Mums. Did me well until it got broken into in Coventry, well an egit with a hammer went down the street smashing everyones front and back windows which then caused the rear tailgate to fall off as its bonded to the screen, never fitted right after with a replacement. Then got written off by hitting a fox on a backroad, taking out the bumper, grille and light which at the time was cheaper to scrap (and not claim on the insurance).

Had no power, comedy french suspension and a wine bottle holder in the door. What more could an 18yr old need :rofl:

First car I bought was a Triumph Dolomite Sprint, back in 2010 when you could still pick a ‘reasonable’ runner for £2k and classic insurance was 1/4 the price of the AX previously. I was using it as my only car, and on a student budget which means it never got the full attention it needed. Had a janspeed backbox which sounded a bit too fruity especially as it had a drone at motorway speeds, sounded great through tunnels though! Set me off on a series of Triumphs after with a TR7, Dolomite 1850HL and then Acclaim.

PICT0013 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

Interior by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


My first car S reg in a metallic copper colour

In the 80’s I had my first company car - Peugeot 205 XS.

In 1990, whilst on the way to my new job (on the bus), I passed a garage that had this car in the window for £4K.

At lunchtime I went into the nearest town and arranged a loan for £4K, walked up to the garage and bought it.

Within 4 months the exhaust was dragging on the floor and various things didn’t work, but they could also work the very next day.

Tried to sell it, but had no joy. Ended up selling it back to the original garage for £2.8K and frittered the money away. And yep, back on the bus every day, still seeing the car in the garage window. The folly of youth.

I was still paying that original loan back three years later :unamused:


That’s hard won life experience that is. You won’t be doing that again, will you ? :slightly_smiling_face:

No :upside_down_face:

I had a 1968 triumph GT6 bought privately for £800 same colour around 1980 It was
Nightmare to drive in the wet, aside from the twerking under braking the windscreen was pitted to the point it was difficult to see well when wipers were on -I spent lots of time on it ,was fun though . Claire spun it at a roundabout into a ditch . Swapped it for a Citroen Dyane



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