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I have always loved John Martyn’s cover of that song, probably because I saw him do it live and every time I hear it, it takes me back to that gig.

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You know when you’re just sitting there and your mind is drifting about considering important stuff like can you get more salt in bacon and what happened to twerking? Then suddenly your mind alights on a train of thought so beautiful you want to shake your own brains hand and eat trifle with it?
It must have been a moment like this for the maker of this film who wanted to see Norman Wisdom bug out at an LSD party.


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I’ve seen them five times but all later concerts after Pete Baumann had left sadly. They were astonishing live but to see them doing one of their Cathedral concerts must have been mind blowing.

Don’t think I’ve heard this since it’s release,great cover

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Live TV performance just prior to the release of Deja Vu.

Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves hardly ever get a mention when this album is discussed (despite getting credits on the front cover) but they were both fine musicians. It is rumoured that Reeves (bass) falsified his date of birth on a fake ID card and was only 15 when this was recorded and only 14 when he appeared with them at Woodstock!

La Singla

Tad late for mr MWS
Probably best if you don’t play this at work, unless you’ve handed your notice in or fancy the sack


Stevie Wonder, totally lovely musical genius on stage knocking out Superstition.

Prince walks on, ‘Can I play?’ :grinning:

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