YouTube music ramblings

About 10 minutes of preamble but some great insight…

End of ELP’s version was clipped but both versions give me a lump in the throat, but for very different reasons.
RIP Keith :sob:


No, that’s shit.

Dunno about shit, but they’re firmly stuck in a creative groove, not helped by all the wannabes that’ve bubbled up.

It’s a fundraiser for Shelter so its relative shitness is a bit moot for me.


For those of you who like jazz, here is a great resource of live sessions, from their studios.
A great streaming station, as well.


I’ve only ever saw clips of this never the whole thing before - it’s quite something.

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This is really quite brilliant


That’s great. The assholes who can’t shut the fuck up are a bit annoying.
The crowd shots and camera work say a shitload of acid had hit the streets :upside_down_face:

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Most of them don’t have a clue to what they’re watching / listening too and yeah drugs

To be fair to them I think most people would have probably had the same reaction. :grinning:

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cos Geordie reasons

this was the first time I heard Killing Joke, almost 40 years ago, immediately bought Fire Dances and what and album that is


… and only two people on that stage are still alive :frowning_face:

I just looked it up - it feels much more recent than 2007 that Raven died.

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One of my favourite YouTube clips.
It’s like the Buzzcocks bowled into the job centre,and no one was interested in listening to them

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Probably keeping an eye out for Sir Jimmy.