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One of their albums is called Impeckable. Top punning!


You were listening to Radio 2 and your metal kudos is blown!

Truth is, I was too. :shushing_face:

I knew the Metallica cover from Garage Days, and I knew it was Budgie who did the original, but I never really listened to the band before. I am now, what a fucking huge riff, better than Hetfield even.





Never a fan of the music, but the dancin’ is great!

Here, some more from the band that blew away a French festival last year.


Saw them in Sidmouth a couple of years ago. Very talented young band, I find this music fantastic live but I lose interest with the records.


They remind me of…





So good. Levene working that Prophet 5.


He would have been 75 today.

IMO it was Gorge Harrison that made by far the best music of the four, post Beatles. YMMV


And another


My mileage varies quite a bit. Harrison’s music was very good but Lennon’s was significantly better IMV


That’s why I added YMMV :smiley:

Even within the Beatles, although Harrison didn’t write many, Something, Here Comes The Sun and WMGGW are stand out.

There’s some great stuff on All Things Must Pass and I love his Wilbury efforts


Totally agree. His Nelson persona was great.

There’s a bootleg of him and His Bobness rehearsing etc. Worth a listen.

All Things Must Pass is a terrific album. My favourite Harrison track is What is Love?


No way can I choose a favourite Lennon track


That would be close to my Lennon favourite too :+1: