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I’m a cynical old cunt and probably beyond redemption but this made me cry.




Eurovision cover version


This would have been a worthy contender for the old Wam guitar thread.

That solo around the 3 minute mark… :heart_eyes:








a bit of a change from the norm here


Jesus!! Beware recorder/flutey type assault on lugholes…


How long did you last?


Mere seconds before the emergency cutoff kicked in.

Horrible, horrible, horrible few seconds though. Nearly as bad as being exposed to a Tull LP when unprepared.


I found it very enjoyable but not as good as Tull




Do you get the same reaction to drafts? - from Wikipedia, that ultimate diagnostic tool:

“Ancraophobia. Ancraophobia, also known as anemophobia, is an extreme fear of wind or drafts. It is rather uncommon, and can be treated. It has many different effects on the human brain.”


Nope. I just have a zero tolerance approach to flutery.


Sure it wasn’t a reaction to early Tull, or even a James Galway concert at a very young age? :grinning:

“Ancraophobia is never present at birth. The fear of wind most often arises as a result of a negative experience in the person’s past. This experience may or may not be recalled in the conscious mind of the person but this has been imprinted on the subconscious mind. Most often an ancraophobic person experienced a situation where the wind was blowing heavily and they found themseles afraid that the wind might destroy or kill them. This experience becomes linked with the wind, and is known as a “generalized conditioned response”. This phobia arises from the combination of external events and an internal predisposition. The external events are things like traumatic events, and the internal predispositions are heredity, or having been transferred from one’s blood line. The phobia can often be traced back to negative events that have happened; the most common event is the experience of a traumatic experience at an early age.”


Now that you mention it I do have an unusually extreme psychotic reaction to gurning numpties who stand on one leg while inflicting flute abuse on the innocent bystander.



Physical symptoms include dry mouth, tremors, tightening in the chest, rapid breathing, sweating of the palms, nausea and irregular heart beat.

That would explain it, then.