YouTube music ramblings


That’s very very good :+1:


Isn’t it. I was taken by surprise as a mate sent it and he usually sends me Metal/Thrash shite :grinning:


Among all the superb musicianship - the bass player has that lovely Squire growl down pat :+1:



Ricky 4001 plus 18” speakers will do that :heart_eyes:


Very good indeed. Tough track to cover.

I’ve sent it to a couple of Yes heads.


I especially liked the beginning sound effects :blush:



Horrible basses… And vastly over-priced!

A picture of your hifi with a small, badly lit album cover in front of it

Edinburgh band.


Nice. A bit like the Hackney Colliery Band


To some. Iconic to others.


They’re horrible to play, for some at least… Though they look cool and make that Ric sound.
For me, the lack of chamfer on the body makes it painful on your right forearm after a while, pickup guards are just in the wrong position for many players, necks are distinctly odd and may require a change of technique, they’re very expensive and the quality of finish and hardware can be variable…

And for less than the nearly £3000 a 4003 Ric costs (at least RRP) you could buy a hand-built serious boutique hand-made-in-Scotland bass like this:


Very pretty but NOT a Ricky :+1:


Lovely, gentle melodic lead…

…perhaps on a D’Angelico.

If I had to own 3 live Jazz Albums

When I lived in the Worlds End in Chelsea during the 60’s The Rolling Stones guitars landed up in my flat (long story). Amongst the Gibson and Gretsch was a cheap Framus Bass guitar costing £29 that Bill Wyman preferred.