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All go raving now… my fav Prodigy track


Pure class






I find Tower of Power to be a slightly odd band. When they play funk, they’re amazing (I’d take them over James Brown), but then they seem to alternate the funk with the most awful cheesy slow stuff that makes me want to vomit.


A good summation of them - apart from the James Brown bit :grinning:


My last Friday in this office


Your last day, with a hangover and low blood count, and you didn’t ring in sick/turn up ridiculously late. You must be up for a loooong lunch followed by an early dart for the pub.


Not quite. My last Friday. Actual last day is next Thursday. Long lunch is on the list though :+1:

I’m just sat here internet surfing, and responding to the odd question from the support team to whom I have handed over.




You seen this Terry?


No I hadn’t. I know Alex is doing the rounds as a gun for hire at the moment.
More unusual stuff to follow no doubt.


Not a particularly good cover, never heard of the band. But Alex is in good form.



Love the random cello-playing shot in the titles


Why waste a perfectly good back yard if you can play…