12 inches of fun


What is the recommended spindle to pivot distance for a 3012 and do we know what the offset angle is?


Spindle to pivot of the 3012’R’ is: 295.6mm


£210 new.


Half the price of the arche then


These are nicely made and work well.


Bdaudio have a nice looking AT-LH18/OCC ex demo for £40, a saving of £25.
Might give you an alternative to SME for not a lot of cash.



That will work well after a few drinkies :roll_eyes:


An Orsonic just appeared on aos at £65 delivered.


Plinth arrived this morning -

Just the small matter of bolting everything together, setting up the arm and cart, and then trying to find room for the thing and plug it in and see how it all sounds.

It’s not small :smile:


Plinth from Acoustand?




Like it.


Nothing bolted down, just plonked on because.


Needs a copper / gunmetal mat. PureSound one is good.


Yep exactly, already planned but not yet purchased :+1:


Good move.

Get rid of that headshell though :wink:


Also planned. Missed out on the Orsonic at AoS but will get sorted at some point.


What cartridge are you going to fit?


2Juki sells them on eBay