2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


Hulk made that move stick last year, I suppose is the only positive way of looking at it

After a decent Saturday, Jenson was an embarrassment on sunday. Never mind the crash, his race pace was absolutely awful, he could barely keep up with Weirhlein for god knows how many laps

Great drive from Fred in the Indy500 - he can’t buy a break though, can he


I thought Button’s drive was, at best, unmemorable. I’ve never seen such a lacklustre performance from him. It just proves the naysayers correct, he was the wrong choice for the drive.


I note with some bemusement that Button has been given a 3 place grid penalty for the next race :roll_eyes:




Could he not just pay 60 quid & go on one of them Driver Awareness Courses?


I was astonished by Perez late lap. OK, he may have had a clear road, but to be 0.4s quicker than anyone else on the road, at that stage of the race, is remarkable.


After deciding that I was finished with F1, I got a phone call from one of the few Technical Directors that I would like to work for. So I accepted the job offer and this week started in Switzerland, working at Sauber, as Head of Vehicle Performance.

So you will be able to see if what I have stated on here, actually works (it does because it worked at Mercedes, but I have the chance to find better ways of delivering vehicle performance, with far fewer people).


Great news, Ian. I think I speak for all on here when I say sincerely hope it works out.


My guess was correct. Great stuff Ian.


Congrats Ian, that’s great news

Doubles (and complimentary pit passes) all round


Thanks everyone. It will certainly be a challenge!


Nice one, great news :slight_smile:



Last week McLaren were claiming they had achieved 95% development on their chassis, so if they are not completely deluding themselves (which I seriously doubt) or not trying to pass the buck (which is likely), then the lack of success is all down to Honda.

Nice working relationship they have there :rolling_eyes:


It’ll be interesting to see how the team gets on with Honda.


From reports this morning looks like McLaren have all but given up with Honda…

I still say that Mac should develop their own power unit, it would help their road car biz no end.








F1 was like that in public too when I started in the business. Later drivers and others were not allowed to talk to the press so it sort of became invisible to the public before there was much TV. Lots of camaraderie and piss taking at all levels, particularly at tests.