AA football predictor


Well done Dave.:ok_hand:

Shocking week for me - my reputation as the font of all football knowledge is taking a severe hammering.:roll_eyes:


Take heart these things level out. I did the pools for years and won nowt.


Don’t forget to get your predictions in :santa:


I got 30 last week…:poop:


Do chelsea to win 5-0,should get you 40 points. :thumbsup:


I hope the Chaps win but it will be difficult, Everton have a great coach.


Yes,think it will be a draw.

Think Rooney may have one of his best season’s he has had for a while.


Feck off that was last year :rage:

I think Chelsea will win but it will be close.

Too many games in the last week. City on Monday. Split last night and Chavski on Sunday…:worried:


True,go 7-0 then :upside_down_face:




Has Barkley played yet?


Out with a hammy until after Xmas according to the papers. There are stories floating around that he is off to Chelsea and that we will get £20million and Costa until the end of the January window on loan.


Yes,saw that earlier


Somehow I’m joint top! If only I was as good at choosing my AAAC.


Was the worst week i’ve had.


50 and 5th place. My mediocrity is awesome in terms of how average it is…:unamused:


Arse & Spuds.Fecking useless the pair of 'em.


My mediocrity has moved up ten now doubt I’ll lose them next week…well happy with mid table nothingness


I forgot to do mine this week. :clown_face:


As with Liverpooo I am aiming for 4th place - so far so good.:wink: