Abbatoir Meat Up/ Show


Yes, they have totally misused two photos from the raffle and misrepresented them as something else :neutral_face:

Bit like that shambles pretending to be the Wam.


A dog’s dinner. :slight_smile:


Are you not a “Prominent Audiophile” then? My illusions are shattered :scream:


I think you mean “Big Nose” don’t you??? :innocent:


Nope, just a bloke who stood on a stage and called out numbers. Sorry.


Do it again and you could explain how the oscilloscope in the raffle could prove how good the cables that were also donated were.




Ha ha, the room absolutely reeked of booze in the morning, the smell hit you from down the corridor :blush:


Very true :slight_smile: I still have the txt I sent my wife as she was slightly concerned about my well-being after being abandoned earlier in the evening.

I quote “…yes I’m fine but have trouble walking. In a great room listening to James Brown but it smells a bit like the reptile house in Edinburgh Zoo.”

Her reply ? “Who’s James Brown?”.




Seemed to be only able to move in a dressage style. :slight_smile:


People tried to flee the room but most found they were only able to crawl.


I’m amused by the majority of very appealing system pics in their gallery. Little of that equipment & very few of its owners will actually be there.


Dunce is demanding he be allowed to exhibit at the show but with a few caveats, one of which is that he wants bodyguards:

2/ Do YOU intend to provide adequate protection and security (demanded by law) to ensure I am not molested or thrown out if I attend the show.

Why on earth would you want to attend an event where you know everyone despises and hates you, the guy is an unhinged narcissist.


Stop fucking moaning about Scalford.



Yep, Either troll the thread on the Wam, or just happy clap like a sycophant - but do it over there.

Mild sneering and the odd sniffy comment on here please.:innocent:


I am suddenly inspired to become a prominent audiophile.

Is there an OU course for that?

Tis my dream.

Is the beard optional?


You don’t just decide to become a prominent audiophile, you are chosen :nerd_face:


I see.

Is it like the Masons?