Adding a record player


Yes, an AT-LP5 is everything you need to get going. Has a built in phone stage for MMs and the supplied cart is more than OK. (Not that I’d know as i broke mine before it touched a groove.)

Im using an AT33PGTii, a budget LOMC and a pair of Hashimoto SUTs so have to bypass the intermal phonostage (a switch). The arm can take cart upgrades if you decide to go down that route.

My £50 Nagaoka mp100 (or the supplied AT mm) is more than capable of producing very competent sounds. If i didnt already have the 33pgt i would still be using the Nag.


And I’m playing more records now than i ever did before.


Consider a Technics SL10 or SL7, even the ham fisted can use these without breaking carts. SL10 with the Technics MC is decent if you use an external MC stage


If you’re going to be playing charity shop records etc, then I wouldn’t get anything more than that AT. I guess you could consider a used Gyrodec if you wanted something pretty, but I doubt you’ll be able to get anything for less than a grand all in.

Someone above mentioned a record cleaning machine, this is near essential if you’re getting random records rather than new.


There is a marked scent of common sense occurring here


I’m impressed chaps.
I like the JL option. I could see how long it takes the wife to blow up and return it if she does! Like a test run.

Some good ideas.


Sorry for the slight misinformation, it seems it’s the LP-3 which is sold by JL. Still shows how much of a comeback the medium has made given that they have five AT models in the online store.


To add, incase you do decide on an ATLP5 be aware the prespex dust cover isnt included as standard, it’s a £30ish option and comes in a separate box.


That’s the price of one record these days isn’t it ?



Most of the ones for sale, that I found, include the cover, in the price of £330.


If it’s just for charity shop records,then one of these


Check out the Onkyo cp-1050 Timestep Direct Drive t/t by Sound Hi Fi.


That looks nice for the money. Would need to see the black ash finsh in the flesh to be sure though.

Same arm as the AT. And looks like the same platter.


Just checked on t’web - some places are selling them for £299


I think that Sound Hi Fi tweakes them for the extra.


There is something called Timestep which could account for the price difference. The reviews are good. There is one on eBay for £299 but that’s ex demo.


You are correct. :+1:


What do they do to them I wonder?


The Onkyo is a really nice record player for the money. However, I would recommend finding an old TD 150 or a Lenco or similar and bring it back to life yourself. They are not complex, there is loads of info and parts available, and will ultimately sound better. Even if records are only gonna be a bit of fun, bringing an old classic back to life can be cheap and satisfying.
Many old Thorens, Systemdeks, Aristons, Heybrooks etc need little more than a clean, oil and a new belt.


I’m manually retarded.
I’d end up making it worse that when I bought it. Not better.