Astra appreciation thread


some wonderful nostalgia on here as had a number of the vauxhalls here . great cars and very reliable


To true :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Picked up my new company car today:



Hmmm, s’alright, but prefer the classic Astra myself


Sends a message does that.


Don’t make them like they used too.


The brown ring of quality.


is it some kind of spaceship?


I’m loving those bonnet creases and side chrome inserts, just looks blistering stood still :+1:


They so comfy


Yep, I’d read it like this…

fuck off


had a lovely one like that once and my wife was involved in a bump that caved in the back , ashamed to say i was livid and was not a pleasant person for a while !! actually the garage repair man told me off for that

had several red astra`s . one was ex rental and it went on for years , couple of years back i spotted it again still going