Beautiful Things


I presume that’s Derbyshire rhyming slang?


I occasionally need a splint…


Your coat sir.




Saturn’s rings taken by Cassini on 3rd June



I would love to see something like that for myself - the closest I’ve got was an amazing waterspout and electrical storm in Sicily


Saturn’s rings are simply fantastic and the better our images get the more fantastic they become.

I’m waiting to see what Juno shows us of Jupiter’s great red spot when it skims over it in a few hours time.



That was amazing, like something that would be CGI’d for a Sci fi movie.

I once saw a massive electrical storm in the Kruger, seriously impressive, but nothing like that one.


After the Saturn’s Rings link above that thought is what prompted me to post the supercell montage, although I did not know it was scheduled so soon…


There is a huge archive of images and info on the website - some staggeringly beautiful images in there. I’ve spent hours on end looking through them


Always loved the Voyager I photo



I quite liked this from yesterday. Perhaps half a ton of granite on a water bearing that could be turned with a finger.

Want one for the garden!


There used to be one of those outside Abingdon’s Waitrose I once saw it dry and rather sad looking then I think it was taken away (no idea why).



Sounds a bit like Bmtell :frowning:


There’s one in Bracknell, it enjoys a good bubbling most Saturdays




I was pondering how you’d calculate the water pressure required and found this paper.