Closing Sale


I have some gear to sell, drop me a PM to discuss prices etc. Please have a little patient to get a reply, I’m currently in the middle of a house move…

Grandinote Proemio pre £2750
Grandinote Silva power amp £3000

Trafomatic Experience 2 300b Integrated with remote £1700
Trafomatic evolution one pre £800
Trafomatic evolution one phono £725
Trafomatic classic 1000 power conditioner £1000

Hifi Racks Headphone stand £20 (have 2)

Graphite Head shell £50 + PP (I have 3)
Graphite RecordWeight 550G SOLD
Graphite RecordWeight 350G £50 + PP (I have 2)

Brand new unopened Audiobyte Hydra z and zpm units £700 + PP


Sure the double one is 140 wide? Me out if it is sadly.


Payment sent.


Big racks gone.


Bugger, just measured up too


Both racks now gone.