Nice, sounds comparable in climbing to my fife and kinross route- what route you taking back from Pitlochry? Any monster climbs?


We’re heading out from Pitlochry and along the South shore of Loch Tummel to Kinloch Rannoch then turn South and along Loch Tay to Killin. From there we head down toward Callander but head over the Duke’s Pass then head to Arnprior and then over the Crow Road and home.

It follows some of the Etape Caledonia route so should be a pretty scenic route as it heads over the Schiehallion road.

The roads from Pitlochry down to Killin are an unknown quantity so will just need to see how it goes. Fingers crossed for decent weather.


@bmtell ?


Ha, beat me to it. ‘Team Sky wannabes’ :joy:


I don’t do cycling, but I have some lycra shorts…

…shall I post a pic? :laughing:



Fuck off @Jim, it is far too early in the morning for that kind of shock to my system.



He’s apologised since for these crass comments :blush: Not done his squeaky-clean rep any favours with the cycling community either … 8 stone FFS, that’s anorexic. He should be supporting cycling generally, not undermining it. There’s way too much partisan, OTT discussion in the media relating to 'cycling, and ‘cyclists’ just now and he just added fuel to that fire.

Nothing wrong with a bit of Lycra IMO (what do you run in Wayne?) but it’s just practical for me - the complete deck-out in branded Rapha, Sky Team kit etc. just triggers an involuntary thought of ‘wanker’ whenever I see it :rofl:


I confess my favourite running outfit comprises Lycra running tights, long sleeve compression shirt with a loose top over it, and an early 80’s sweatband - because your eyebrows only catch so much sweat! :sweat_smile:

Yep :+1:



The boy has some grit, in more ways than one. Keep going Froome, join the greats!



Lol, man on bike fails to escape from Peregrine. Who knew.


Chapeau to Froome, incredible achievement. Also to Contador what a way to end a career, albeit a slightly tainted one.


A couple of us are heading down for this - looks like it might be fun


Looks interesting! There’s talk of doing the club weekend in Northumberland next year, staying in Alnwick- I noticed that there didn’t seem to be many roads in that range of hills. There are it seems, you’re just not allowed to ride them!

Are you camping?


Grew up cycling Northumberland’s (non-closed) roads. Looks like a good, challenging ride.


Well, if the club does decide on Northumberland for the weekend next year would be good to pick your brains about routes :+1:


Weren’t you on the lookout for routes under 80 miles with 6000+ft of climbing? That’s quite a hefty amount in 65 miles!


Start in a valley, and pick the steep route out, would nearly cover it.


Are you mental :grinning:

We’ll be staying somewhere civilised as we’ll be driving down so not restricted to staying nearby.

I’ve a good route around Eaglesham / Bridge of Weir that has just shy of 6,000 ft of climbing in about 75 miles not too shabby. :+1: