You should bottle it. There’s people out there that would pay good money for the sweat off yer saggy ballsack.


When you say “people”…you mean “you”?




As turbos go, it is a bit light on the resistance side. Was more than enough for my legs mind, when I used it.

Got to dig mine out this weekend and get the bike out of the shed. Colnago then goes in the spare room until it is nice again.
Mudguards need digging out too. And me warm cap. And me windproof tights. And me winter wheels.
Don’t mind a bit of winter cycling as long as it is not too wet or icy.


550 should be more than enough for anything except sprints I think


Did you get yerself a trainer tyre?


Yup- decathlon as you suggested. Got a mat etc… as well.

Came down with acute weak-bastarditis over the weekend so had a few days off the bike. Not quite right yet so just taking it easy on the commute.


Going to treat myself to a new video this week. Will get around to sorting the turbo out and the turbo bike. Weather still decent at the weekends so will continue to get out as much as possible and use the turbo in the week.

Winter wheels and mudguards will be out soon enough.


I have a box full of assorted gels if anybody wants them. I’m more of a Shotblok man meself. But I seem to have a collection of freebie gels.

Will take pic when I get a mo.



Like the new look - a change from black would have been better but hey ho.


Perhaps manila would have been a more suitable colour to camouflage the little brown packets delivered by their team doctor…


UCI world cup track cycling Glasgow


Fantastic win by Archibald and Lloyd :thumbsup:

This is a great article but probably only appeal to us two wheelers


Just got in from 27 miles of (mostly) easy trail out in the Peak. Nice, but bloody cold.


Went out Friday with my eldest son - both of us suffering with man-flu of some variety and if either of us had suggested it before we would have baled. Anyway, every hill a total slog gasp, gasp, plus it’s cold. And grey. Then the rain came - last hour of the ride torrential, soaked through. Fingers and feet numb.

Something inside said it’s doing you good but…

…so glad to get home, a most miserable ride - to compensate I spent the whole weekend eating and sleeping.

I’m sure the next ride will be uplifting though :wink:


All that crap weather is worth it for a day on the bike when it’s like this :heart_eyes:


Signed up for this - should be interesting


I’m thinking of coming up for that.



Nice one Paul are you planning to stay up for a few days ?

Looking forward to seeing the route as it’ll need to live up to the Marmotte name and having closed roads is a bonus. The weather could be the biggest problem mind you.

Might be a bit like the Graeme Obree Sportive