Interesting, I imagine that he was using the amino acid for aiding recovery, and/ or raising energy levels.

The legal levels are pretty clear and Mo has said categorically that he did not exceed them so its now up to UKA to prove or disprove this. As for what else was in the infusion he was given, I expect it was probably other aminos and some carbs, but crucially Mo’s coach and medical team should have records detailing exactly what was administered…


There’s no evidence and a lot of hysterical venting. I’m happy to wait for something real before warming up the tumbril.

And using a TUE for a prescribed substance within the rules really isn’t it.



The only thing that is hysterical is your refusal to accept that what has been allowed to happen isn’t right :joy:.

It doesn’t really matter that you can’t see it, rather belatedly the governing bodies look like they are going to close this loophole which appears to have been abused.

What i don’t understand is why any fan of competitive cycling/ sport wouldn’t want this cleared up rather than swept under the carpet.


Which bit isn’t right?


There’s playing the game, and there is breaking the rules.

There has to be a Line.

Top athletes walk it.


Allowing ‘special pleading’ which means that our top atheletes are also using tue’s which have performance enhancing benefits over and above their apparent primary medicinal purpose,

It’s all in that article you hyperlinked above :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s legal

They just need independent doctors for tue’s

Blame the system not the athletes.


So, who is guilty and what ae they guilty of?

By guilty I mean there is proof, not just that you think it is in your head.


Yes and I’ve said all along it’s legal and that teams are hiding behind the rules that allow them to abuse TUE’s for competitive advantage.

So whilst there’s no evidence yet about anything illegal, my argument is that the rules are wrong (so yes I’ve always maintained that the governing bodies have allowed this to happen) but perhaps now at least they will see their error and tighten up, and not just in cycling, it’s rife right across athletics. Not illegal, but that doesn’t make it right is the point I’ve been banging on about.

The proof is about not doing the right thing. At the moment there is no proof of actual anything illegal but that’s because the rules are a joke.

It’s not as if there isn’t smoke or a case to answer here - hence the commons select committee is following up on -

  • why does British Cycling hold according to UKD an unreasonably large stock of triamcinolone?
  • the records of its use and application are woeful and below any sensible requirements
  • why did Wiggins have triamcinolone administered intra muscularly?
  • has Wiggins been given triamcinolone before his TUE was approved?
  • what was in the mystery package couriered over for Wiggins by Team Sky’s medical team and why are there no records nor anyone involved seems to be able to remember?

I don’t understand why people are seeking to hide behind the fact that it’s not against the rules. If it was discovered that the circumstances above related to the Russian cycling team, and they had won a ton of medals and honours then you’re trying to tell me that you wouldn’t think there was something very suspicious and worth investigating?

Regardless, British Cycling has been incredibly successful and something to be very proud of - why would anyone not want these issues cleared up before the whole thing is irrevocably tarnished which really would be unfair? Many of the top cyclists see it this way, and have repeated that they think Wiggins and Brailsford should answer the questions and clear things up because it’s damaging the sport and their reputations.


So, some more answers need to be found and evidence gathered. Not quite ready to be getting hysterical about it just yet.


Theres nothing hysterical about seeking the truth.

The continued denials, complacency and lack of co-operation is doing the real damage to credibility and reputation right now.




AA in thread about cycling going around and around and getting nowhere shock!




That’s surprising. After all professional cycling (both teams & administrators) have previously had such a good record of participating in & running a clean & transparent sport. Why anyone should think they should now be operating any differently is a complete mystery.


I think this is a bigger story meself.


Might go and do this again. Will be on May 1st. Was sort of jolly fun for a few laps last year. Think I set a fastest lap of around 13 minutes.


Never mind this bollocks, what was in Wiggins package!


This is never left to the imagination in lycra. Ask my long-suffering colleagues