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Any suggestions?

The pain is like a kick to the inside of the leg, just below the knee cap.


I used to do lots of leg curls & leg extensions as well as some squats.

Whether they are the right thing I don’t know but it felt as if the knee was better supported when the leg was stronger.


I’m doing squats, glute bridges and KB swings for similar effect.

Remote diagnosis from physio - she says 90% its a slight knee twist and to lay off it and it’ll sort itself.


How’s the knee?


Bit better thanks. Still sore to the touch but strapped up and if it’s okay then maybe a longish walk or a slow jog tonight to test it out.


Are these the things I see people doing on the floor with a barbell across their hips and thrusting forward/up?




I have terrible glute activation and have been trying to focus on it. Had my eye on that as a potential good exercise.


Okay now it’s proper fucked :tired_face:

Tried a very light jog but had to pull up like a knackered pony after half a mile. It’s gone from sore to agony.


When I went to see my podiatry specialist about my ankles he asked if I’d had them scanned, the implication being that it might be possible even for something as non-disabling as my old injuries. I said no, but I have no idea what the prospects would be if I asked to have it done. I’m not sure in my case whether it would have to be NMR or whether X-ray CT might tell me anything useful. In your case it sounds like soft tissue, which would pretty much have to be NMR wouldn’t it ? In the meantime I guess you’re into RICE.



Yep RICE and a period of wait and see. I need to lay off completely for about 2 weeks and if the problem is still there then I’ll be pushing for a scan.


Sorry to hear that… have you been to a physio?


Not yet. Knee strapped up and just resting for now. Will see physio early next week.


That’s shit. Is there any cardio (or weights) you can do while you heal?


Yeah can do core and upper body stuff once I get past the stage where any movement causes pain in my knee.


Stick with swimming or cycling. Easier on the joints!


That really is shit. Hopefully your body will right itself as you don’t want people telling you to operate on the knee, fuck that.


Yes, all my experience with Orthopods over the last 10 years has convinced me that surgery is not the answer.


Cycling! Cycling!

I ended up riding for 6 miles or so with an aspiring pro cyclist last night. Really nice kid, just out of juniors so I guess 17/18. He was out for a gentle spin to loosen his legs after racing at the weekend (he won a stage it turns out). Amazing fun, but his slow was my fast and I regretted it a touch when I had to turn back into the headwind for the 30 miles journey home :stuck_out_tongue: We were chatting two abreast so I didn’t get to draft. Amazed I could hold a conversation at all- I think my heart rate was up at 170/180 most of the time and hit 190 on a shortish climb.


Fuck no!