Diet and Fitness


FFS Slow down Neil :flushed:


The headwind took care of that :wink:


Some useful resources here -


Cracking session this morning.
Managed 20 body weight dips, 10 fully extented chins and used 20kg plates for the first time.
Happy with that.


Nice :+1:

Do you use a gym or have stuff at home?


A very well equipped gym.
Here are a few pics, there are 2 other rooms with loads more gear. Im lucky to have this just 3 miles up the road.



I workout at home as there’s more chance of fitting in a 30-40 minute session at the late hours I get back most nights rather than summoning efforts to go out to decent gym which is about 15-20 mins drive away.

I’ve got a set of bowflex dumbells and an Olympic bar and weight bench, with a door mounted pull up bar. The only thing I miss now is a squat rack and dip bars - when we move house next year I’ve got my eyes on a dedicated gym room with a power rack etc.


Well done for investing in an Olympic bar and proper weights. The spin lock york stuff that most people have at home isnt anywhere near good enough really. What you’ve got (and hope to get) is more or less what I use anyway.
The only downside to my gym is that its not open during weekend afternoons, but other than that it is beyond criticism for what it costs.
Ive joined on a month by month deal. Ive said to myself that if im still doing this at the end of October ill sign up for a year which is only £35 a month.


That’s a proper gym, where is it? Wish I had that sort of gym close by, surrounding by ‘living well’ and the like. Currently doing HIIT sessions at home 5-6 days a week which has surprisingly go me in much better shape.

9k run mid morning today, took your advice Crimson Donkey and took it at a slow pace, 10min miles.


Good run that. More importantly did you do a proper cool down/ stretch?

What kind of HIIT do you do?


Yes, walked for a while at the end then stretched in the back garden for 10 whilst trying not to collapse into a heap.

You won’t be impressed with the HIIT, just been doing Joe Wicks 20 minute YouTube videos before breakfast. To go from doing nothing at all for a couple of years it has been ideal, so got to take my hat of to him although many think he’s a ponce.

Biggest benefit I found is that it fits with a busy family/work life. Struggled to maintain a routine of going to the gym - felt like there was always obstacles in the way. Gets me out of bed and sets my head straight before work. I have used exercise a lot over the years to deal with state of mind, and this has definitely helped on that score.

His diet/recipes are pretty good, if a bit complicated for a poor cook like me, but I applied the principle of high protein/Low carb and plenty of veg.


All sounds good to me, especially about the bit about helping with state of mind too :+1:


Squats and deadlifts yesterday = slow start this morning :astonished:


I’m fucking wrecked today. I enjoy the long (>100 mile for me) rides, but they definitely take more out of you than you get a benefit. Think next week’s ride will be the last 100+ mile ride for me this year.


I am still practicing TW squats (about 5x a day) but still a long way off a good one. it’s somewhat difficult to measure whether there is an actual improvement or not. I am following TWS sessions with stretching to try and touch my toes for fun. I do though have data on my RHR that I have just put on a graph. (I am following my BP’s as well) - Steady improvement all round.

Other news -
I am seeing the specialist about my shoulder problem this week
In October there is a local 5k run,where one of my mates is a marshall, I may just enrol.


Great progress :+1:

Re progression on TWS - indicators are usually about time spent and level of comfort. Trying to build up to 30 mins in comfort is a goal that if everyone could achieve there would be considerably less back and hip pain in the world.

If you were squatting with weights you’d notice more power ‘out of the hole’ and better consistency in load and rep handling.

More reference here -

I reckon you’d find the 5k a doddle the way youre progressing so go for it.


No wonder I’m wrecked…if you scale yesterday’s route up it would be even hillier than the ride up to Glenlivet, and it was less than 50 miles shorter

Actually quite a good indication my fitness has improved further since then. I did the same average speed, at a very slightly lower average heart rate and despite a reasonably stiff headwind for a fair bit- this was a loop compared with a linear route with the wind behind me for the majority if the time

Plus, I felt pretty tired from running and riding last week so hopefully a week of stretching and taking it relatively easy will give me a good boost for doing the route again this Sunday (the shelter from the group will help too)


39 down in ten, 20 03, … Now looking for largely protein and carb free veg recepeies, a man can only eat so many veg stir fries and the chick pea curries are high in protein. Must be a good stuffed pepper recepe out there.


Wayne - Thanks for the link - Up to now i have been keeping my heels to the floor and bouncing to get closer to a full squat, my feet are not parallel I have been doing this for 30 seconds at a time. So I am I reading that should i be western squatting and going for a time instead? If so that’s pretty handy I have a PC in my music room already set at a perfect squatting height to use in fact I’m typing this whilst squatting?


have a look at Joe Wicks books/online. Perfect for what you are after, and more importantly fills you up so you don’t actually feel like you are ‘on a diet’. If you don’t want to buy the book just have a look on his Facebook page, plenty of people post the kind of recipes you are after.

A work colleague who is training for white collar boxing sent me this tasty recipe too;